Chemistry of Love

From development to stage and beyond…

Director George Ferencz with actors Aiden Redmond, Jenne Vath, Kim Merril & Jason Howard

Director George Ferencz with actors Aiden Redmond, Jenne Vath, Kim Merril & Jason Howard

I recently attended a workshop at New Georges Theatre Company on the subject of collaboration.  The idea of  creating a map to acknowledge all the collaborators who helped a piece get to production was introduced as a way to thank all the invaluable people, companies and institutions who donated their time and support, often for free, to the development of a play.

Casts change many times due to scheduling conflicts or a rewrite where the character’s age is adjusted,  or as in the case of Chemistry of Love where the character of Andy was axed because I discovered through development that he was in the wrong play. Although I do believe Andy is still lurking about waiting for his stage debut in another play.

Below is my map of  Chemistry of Love…

Feel free to email me at: if I left anything out.  -Jill

  • 2009 – worked on the seed of an idea of the play during a Juggernaut Theatre Company playwriting workshop using a writing an exercise based on my mentor, British playwright Bernard Kops’  Advanced Playwriting Workshop in London.  I  attended these workshops in the UK from 2000-2003.  When I returned to New York, in an effort to recreate the inspiring method taught by Bernard, I facilitated these workshops with Cathy Caplan and Juggernaut Theatre Company from 2005-2009.
  • 2010 – an in-house first draft was organized by  NewShoe Theatre Company using company members as readers.  Later in the year we read a second draft. NewShoe is a company in New York City comprised of female writers, dramaturgs, directors, casting directors and producers.
  • July 2010 – worked on a scene from the play during Sewanee Writers’ Conference in Tennessee. Beth Henley and Dan O’Brien were the workshop instructors.
  • 2011 – had a round table reading hosted by Jill’s agent Ron Gwiazda and Amy Wagner at Abrams Artists, NYC. The cast included Clayton Apgar, Kim Merrill,  Aiden Redmond , Kury Uy and Danielle Qusienberry,  directed by Allyn Chandler.
  • 2011 – worked on the play in a playwriting class at ESPA (Primary Stages School of Performing Arts) taught by the amazing playwright Julian Sheppard.
  • April 2011 – first  reading as part of La MaMa’s Experiments Series, directed by George Ferencz. The cast included Kim Merrill, Jason Howard, Aiden Redmond and Jenne Vath.
  • After a successful reading, I met with George for notes and we decided to cut the character of Andy (Please note: Andy is not dead. Andy will reappear in another play soon.) This was something I was toying with and my discussion with George cemented this. We also discussed the possibility of producing “Chemistry” at La MaMa.
  • Summer 2011 – La MaMa nominates Chemistry of Love for a Weissberger Award.
  • January 2012 – La MaMa produced a second reading of the play. The cast included Matt Luceno, Rod McLucus, Kim Merrill and Jenne Vath.  Jason Marx read stage directions. The reading was very successful. It felt dangerous and intense and almost there, but of course the play still needed more work.
  • April 2012 – met with Mia Yoo and Beverly Petty to discuss having the play produced at La MaMa in May 2013. This was really F**king exciting.
  • July 2012 – went to a workshop at Stonybrook University’s Southampton Writers’ Conference led by the awe inspiring Stephen Adly-Guirgis. We read a scene from the play with actors who were in residence from the Ensemble Studio Theatre .
  • November 2013 – La MaMa Experiments Series hosted a third reading of the play. The cast included Kim Merrill, Jenne Vath, Michael Burke and Chuck Montgomery.
  • March 2013 – Off Broadway Angels offers a generous donation towards the May 2013 production of Chemistry of Love at La MaMa
  • TBC…
Dennis Parlato, Jenne Vath, Kim Merrill & Matt Baxter Luceno. Photo by Russ Rowland.

Dennis Parlato, Jenne Vath, Kim Merrill & Matt Baxter Luceno. Photo by Russ Rowland.