“We give thanks to Off-Off Broadway’s La Mama, and playwright Jill Campbell’s spectacular Chemistry of Love, for waking me up to the fact that new and engaging permutations of stagecraft are still a possibility.” — Jay Reisberg,

“The play functions as both a satire and a tragedy.  Playwright Campbell has done an impressive job of grounding a complicated cycle of developments in character.”— Trav S.D– TRAVALANCHE

“This play feels and sounds right. Whether you have or don’t have art poseurish friends you’ll love spending time with these artists.” 

Larry Litt–

“The play peels back layers of the insular world of arts to reveal a mess Jackson Pollock would be proud of.”   Karen D’Onofrio– Electric Link Journey.Com Electric Link

“BOTTOM LINE: This well-acted and well-staged production explores the problems one faces when they depict their personal life in their art.” — Adrienne Urbanski Theatre is

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